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Our VIRTUAL Team Building Programmes

Are you running out of ideas how to engage your team members during this Covid-19 pandemic period?

The move to remote working arrangements has created instant upheaval in our workforce and many of our clients told us that they hope to calm nerves, strengthen relationships and build resilience in the new work dynamic. So, we have specially formulated two online VIRTUAL programmes to help you bond with your team members and lift their spirits amid the stress of working from home and uncertainty around during this difficult period. And if you are keen to brush up your cooking skills as well, why not take this opportunity to learn to whip up some dishes at home?

All our programmes are now geared at completely remote work settings, with participants joining in from their home workspace. Our preferred videoconferencing software for conducting all programmes is Zoom because of their user-friendly features, but we can also work with your preferred platform whether it's Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.

Virtual Cooking Teambuilding

VIRTUAL Cooking Class (Hands-on)
(Ideal for 4-80 pax)

Looking for a fun and memorable VIRTUAL team bonding activity to let your colleagues brush up their cooking skills or learn to cook up a new dish at the comfort of their own homes? Keen to introduce your global or regional colleagues to popular Singapore dishes like kaya, curry puffs or dim sum? They will feel very accomplished at the end of the session to be able to whip up these dishes and enjoy eating them without even coming to Singapore!

In fact, we even go a step further to weave in useful lessons on teamwork and collaboration for your team during the hands-on cooking class.

Our hands-on VIRTUAL Cooking Class can help you to:
-> Assimilate new members into an existing team
-> Enhance communication and collaboration
-> Inject positivity and learning mindset among your team members
-> Align team members to work towards a common goal

During the sharing/debrief session, our experienced facilitators will help you and your team mates reflect on useful lessons learnt during the session.

Groups looking for an engaging team bonding activity to brush up cooking skills or learn to cook up a new dish at home while forging bonds with one another
Duration: from 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Start Time: Anytime between 1000 and 1700 Singapore Time (GMT+8)
Cuisine Options: Singaporean/Thai/Chinese/Italian
Rates: Starting from 50 SGD/pax NETT* 
Recommended number of participants: From 4 to 80 pax
(*For group sizes below 4 pax, minimum spend of 200SGD per session applies. For large groups of 30 pax and above, we will extend a 10% discount)
Amazing Race Circuit Breaker

VIRTUAL Amazing Race - Covid-19 Edition
(Ideal for 6-80 pax)

If cooking and washing up is too much hassle for you and your team members, why not take part in this fun and exciting race activity from the comfort of your own homes or offices? This race activity consists of 6-8 challenges that can be performed at the comfort of your own homes (or in the office for those of you who are delivering essential services) and there is no need to leave your premises, so it is fully compliant with all existing safe distancing measures.

Teams work to complete a series of challenges that include music jamming sessions, physical workouts, movie trivia, lateral thinking challenges and more, all without leaving your home. Teamwork is crucial as each team must communicate clearly and share info in order to complete each challenge and earn maximum points.

Our VIRTUAL Amazing Race can help you to:
-> Learn to leverage on one another's strengths and work as a team
-> Learn to be proactive and take initiative
-> Learn to prioritize and plan under time pressure
-> Discover hidden talents and appreciate cultural diversity

At the end of the race, our experienced facilitators will share their observations to help you reflect on the lessons learnt so you and your team members can apply the learning back at your workplace.

You will absolutely love the candid moments captured on video and photos during this race activity, and we are certain these priceless shared memories will be fondly remembered for a long time :)

Ideal For: Groups looking for an impactful team building activity to discover hidden talents and encourage creative thinking
Duration: 1.5 hours 
Start Time: Anytime between 1000 and 1700 Singapore Time (GMT+8)
Rates: Starting from 40 SGD/pax NETT* 
Recommended number of participants: From 6 to 80 pax 
(*For group sizes below 6 pax, minimum spend of 240SGD per session applies. For large groups of 30 pax and above, we will extend a 10% discount)

How Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about our VIRTUAL team-building programmes, feel free to email us for a free quote or call our hotline at (65) 9452 3669 for a friendly discussion.

We'd love to find out more about your event requirements so we can customize a programme that works for you.

What Our Clients Say

Since 2012, we have already helped more than 2,000 organizations build teamwork and collaboration through our team-building programmes. Our clients range from the world’s leading multinational companies to new and growing enterprises, from government bodies and educational institutions. We are 100% confident to make you the office hero and your whole team smile. Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say.

Jordie Fornies
[ Facebook ]
"The Facebook Client Solutions Team decided to spend a morning sharing and cooking in Food Playground. What we expected to be mainly a fun experience was full of great surprises. An expert team prepared everything for a successful team experience, able to engage more than 40 people for over 3 hours. Great preparation, great challenges forcing us to work as a team and lots of great laughs and food. Not only one experience to learn how to cook but to further build a stronger team, get to know each other more and collaborate for success. Fantastic work and an experience that I would recommend."
Elizabeth Khoo
[ Johnson & Johnson ]
"We had an internal product launch/ team building event at Food playground this morning. It's amazing because the facilitators were very professional in both the preparation of the event as well as incorporation of key messages into the activities.

I really appreciate that Food Playground has been accommodating with the numerous and last minute changes that we have. I am really impressed by how they have incorporated the key messages of our product into the different activities they have prepared for us. Everyone was involved in all the activities in one way or another, and nobody was left behind."
Helmet Quek
[ ExxonMobil ]
"After comparing a few service providers for cooking programmes, we decided to engage Food Playground based on your excellent reviews, reputation and your responsiveness to our enquiries and requests. 

The Corporate Cooking Challenge activity way exceeded our expectations, looking at how every team member worked together and bonded together, all thanks to the wonderful work by your facilitators. They even put us through a few challenges to test our cohesiveness, which is a nice surprise! We also love the cosy layout of the studio, unlike the other venues that feel very commercialized."
Joey Ong
[ Salesforce.com ]
"We all had great fun at the session! Love how the set up is done, with having the ice breaking session downstairs and then upstairs for the actual cooking. Everything was very professionally done - even the timers installed were professional ones! Reverting time from my enquiry was less than a few hours. Payment was easy, menu was catered for all nationalities. Not too complex or dangerous, without any deep frying required. I was worried i would smell after the session, but hey no!

I love how the facilitators organised and chaired the session, and getting people warmed up! This is really very wonderful and professional for any corporate team-building event.   I have forwarded the pamphlets to the other teams and greatly recommend this place for any team-building event. Great job and thanks once again for the great success with the workshop!" 

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