Client Testimonials

More than 2,000 organizations ranging from Global Fortune 500 companies to educational institutions and government agencies choose Food Playground to deliver their team building workshops and corporate events. Below is a sample of some of the testimonials we have received from our clients.

"We decided on cooking as an activity as the team needed an alternative to usual corporate team building challenges that is less physically demanding, hassle-free, weather-proof and encourages maximum participation.

We chose Food Playground as it is conveniently located in downtown CBD and easily accessible for our team members. They had an interesting selection of menus to choose from, but most importantly they had a lot of good reviews from other organizations. Indeed, the entire crew from Food Playground did not disappoint. The chief facilitator was very professional in her presentation and that suits and appeals to the corporate teams. Our objectives of a fun teambuilding session were met and everyone enjoyed it. In fact, our normally dispersed team was able to bond very well during the session. We didn't realize we had talented chefs in our team! 

This is just the right option for a corporate teambuilding challenge that was fun and educational for all, with a tasty end too. Highly recommended!"

Mr Manokaran Manikkam
VISA Worldwide
"We had been looking at “experiential” activities which would promote team building as opposed to some of the more physical challenges that may exclude or tire out the team. We considered others such as coffee tasting and escape room challenges, but settled on cooking as it seemed to be an inclusive activity which focused on working together.

I enjoyed the way the whole session was handled, and the Food Playground staff made the whole process work very well. I think it helped the team to interact with each other more. As the group consisted mostly of partners who tend to work in silos, this was a good chance for them to come together as a team and interact with people they may not see that often in the office. A surprising benefit was that we had a planning session in the afternoon and I think the morning cooking session helped to put everyone in a more open state of mind. The afternoon session was very productive and I think having had the team building session before, really helped. The whole process from booking to finish was well handled and the overall feedback from my team was very positive, despite a few pre-session skeptics who expected our cooking to be a disaster!

I think the lack of professional chefs meant the teams didn’t feel under pressure to perform to any high expectations, a nice added benefit of your social mission. The staff were friendly and enabling, which allowed for a very positive session. I would happily recommend Food Playground for sure!" 

Mr Anton Oram 
Ernst & Young Advisory
"We decided on this cooking team-building activity at Food Playground because we wanted something different from the usual adventure programmes. Besides, we needed to stay indoors to keep away the summer heat, so this activity was ideal!

The fun ambience and friendly facilitators made all of us feel it was safe to make mistakes in, and the recipes were easy to follow. Furthermore, Daniel’s responsiveness in all our enquiries was most commendable.

We will certainly return for another cooking challenge because it’s fun, easy and provide plenty of opportunities for my colleagues to get to know one another better."

Ms Claire Goh
HSBC Singapore 
“As we have a mixture of youngster and seniors, we tried to search for an activity thats suits both of the groups and at the same time also fulfilling the objective to bond and create chances for them to work together and communicate, which is why we decided to go with a team cooking activity.

After comparing a few service providers for cooking programmes, we decided to engage Food Playground based on their excellent reviews, reputation and their responsiveness to our enquiries and requests. Their pricing is also very competitive.

The Corporate Cooking Challenge activity way exceeded our expectations, looking at how every team member worked together and bonded together, all thanks to the wonderful work by their facilitators. They even put us through a few challenges to test our cohesiveness, which is a nice surprise! We also love the cosy layout of the studio, unlike the other venues that feel very commercialized.

I will certainly recommend Food Playground to others. In fact, I’m already planning to bring my team back for our next team event!”

Mr Helmet Quek
ExxonMobil Chemical Operations
"I have heard good reviews about Food Playground and thought to give it a try. Indeed, this place feels like home. It made us very comfortable and confident to do cooking even though some of us don’t really cook. The cooking studio is very clean and tidy too!

I think your cooking team building programme is a very good bonding activity and through this session, we were able to communicate and delegate from a different perspective. Both the facilitators Lesley and YY were very good in engaging everyone.

I definitely will come back again for another team bonding event as there are so many interesting dishes to learn and try!"

Ms Irene Chor
"We wanted a team bonding that is fun and engaging with the regional team, and we choose Food Playground because your programme looks fun too and within our budget. 

The facilitators were able to engage allparticipants well, and we were pleasantly surprised by the disruption exercises/games during the cooking activity. 

Definitely a good job well done, because of the overall flexibility and your team support to make this event a success. We would definitely recommend you to ourfriends and associates." 

Ms Anjelica Ong
DBS Bank

"We engaged Food Playground for a corporate baking challenge session. This baking session took most of us out of our comfort zone and we were glad that each of us is there to help on eanother through the tasks. We also got to know one another better and how we work in times of difficulties. 

Both our facilitators, Lesley & Eunice were able to engage us well. Eunice was very patient at the start to make sure that we understood what we were going to experience.  There was a structured team bonding process involved in the baking, which makes the whole experience holistic. We started out playing games to get to know one another, and we ended knowing how good each of us is at cooking, which we are not very fantastic at.Through the process, we also figured each other working style (be it in kitchen) and we are pretty much on the right track working together. 

I would rate this experience 5/5!"  

Mr Sim Zhen Wei
Keppel Corporation Ltd 
"We found Food Playground on Google Search while researching for team building activities, and were impressed by the professionalism of your organization.

Your facilitators are very good, and they are able to conduct thoughtful team building exercises during this activity to incorporate real life lessons in the corporate world.   We really like the fact that we are also contributing to your meaningful social mission of empowering disadvantaged women and helping them become proficient facilitators.

This cooking team building actvity has exceeded our expectations for sure, and I am recommending your programmes to my friends too!"

Mr Yong Seng Tan
Evonik (SEA) Pte Ltd
"Certainly Food Playground has our endorsement to be the leader in the team-building industry!

We truly enjoyed both the morning heritage race and the afternoon cooking session. We never knew that we could explore so many heritage sights in Chinatown and were amazed that the cooking session can be so refreshing and fun. The review sessions were helpful as the facilitators gave us the opportunity to share our views on the challenges faced during the heritage race, and cohesiveness needed in preparing the sumptuous meal. 

The teambuilding day has indeed been invaluable in learning to foster team spirit in order to achieve goals and targets. If you have any new program developed, please free feel to email to us. Last but no less, we wish you success in your business."

Ms Vivien Tan
Dexerials Singapore 
"I chanced upon Food Playground online and your website looks really interesting. The fact that we can combine teambuilding and cooking session sounds good to the planning team, and we are not disappointed. The facilitators are all so experienced and all ofus really appreciate their pointers, especially whenwe did not read the recipe properly! And the fun element – cheerful environment andbright colors of the cookwares and utensils all add to the feeling of fun! 

The entire process of engaging your service issmooth and the response time is fast. The proposal that was sent to me wasgreat and gives just the right amount of information on what to expect. Thankyou Daniel for taking all our last minute requests. 

We would definitely recommend Food Playground to our family and friends, as this fun activity can also be a girls’ day out event for me and my friends." 

Ms Huifern Tan
CP Kelco
"We had an internal product launch/ team building event at Food playground this morning. It's amazing because the facilitators were very professional in both the preparation of the event as well as incorporation of key messages into the activities.

I really appreciate that Food Playground has been accommodating with the numerous and last minute changes that we have. I am really impressed by how they have incorporated the key messages of our product into the different activities they have prepared for us. We really like the fact that everyone was involved in all the activities in one way or another, and nobody was left behind. In this way, strong bonding within the teams were ensured. Also, everyone gave feedback that they really enjoyed themselves thoroughly and was able to learn while having fun.

In short, a perfect place for team building and corporate events! Will definitely come back if we have a chance!" 

Ms Elizabeth Khoo 
Johnson & Johnson 
"We were looking for a team-building activity that centres on Singapore’s heritage and food scene, which would be insightful and eye-opening for our team members, who were mostly foreign expatriates and overseas colleagues visiting Singapore. 

We chose the Amazing Heritage Race programme as it is one of the very few food trails run by an external vendor in Singapore, and we love their interesting approach towards a team-building activity particularly for overseas participants. The facilitator Lesley was confident in her presentation and very engaging in opening and closing the session, while drawing out important lessons and comical moments that made everyone have a good laugh, which was particularly important for us given our rather serious work environment!   

The entire programme is very well-run and all our participants had a good time. We will definitely recommend Food Playground!"

Mr Jasper Ng
Standard Chartered Bank
"What's great about Food Playground's cooking challenge is that it met all of our objectives. It is at a purpose built cooking school with all the necessary 'tools'. People work together individually and in teams but the success is how everyone interacts and communicates. Its also incredibly fun doing something that most people in the room don't do every day. We certainly saw a different side to some of the people and found some extraordinarily good cooks! 

I had been a part of a similar session before; what was more memorable was the manner in which both our objectives and Food Playground's were aligned. Our facilitator's personality definitely shone through and was incredibly important and how all of our team participants made the most of the event.

I would happily recommend to anyone looking for something slightly alternative to the norm for team working sessions. Thank you Food Playground! "

Mr Stuart Thornton
"I like that it brought everybody to work with one another especially with people they are not used to working or hanging out with, towards the creation of something outside the confines of the office and in a not-so-usual teambuilding activity. I was just pleasantly surprised with how easy the recipes were and how groups made up of mostly non-cooks could create a 4-course meal without much stress. I was glad that everyone had a good time while learning new things. It was a first for me to whip up cream using hand and I learned that I was doing it the wrong way.

I like to recommend this experience to other companies because it is a fresh way of getting everybody to work towards a common goal, with a subtle way of injecting teamwork values along the way. And everybody loves eating so why not make everybody try to cook what they eat, right? It is guaranteed to have everybody talking, laughing and helping each other out, even long after the event has finished."

Ms Cristina Menina
BIC Product (Asia)  
"I recently joined InterContinental Singapore and were seeking for the most suitable platform to network with my team. I had to execute it within 2 weeks and Food Playground was the prime choice due to their reputation and willingness to personalize my requests. Daniel tailor-made the dishes to align with the property's peranakan-inspired scenography which allow us to know more about peranakan's culture and dishes. 

We had lots of fun together and most importantly, I am able to engage the team in a more relaxed environment. Food Playground allows us the opportunity and the engagement from Daniel was first class. They definitely deserved the award by Singapore Tourism Board as the 'Best Enrichment Experience' in 2013."

Mr Rex Loh
InterContinental Hotels Group
"I was apprehensive at first about conducting a corporate team building at food playground but decided to give it a go after reading the reviews online.

The facilitator was awesome in conducting the workshop and linked what my colleagues did during cooking to our workplace. Her enthusiasm certainly rubbed off my colleagues and created a fun environment for us to learn cooking. :)"

Mr Shane Lai 
M1 Limited
"My colleagues (18pax total) had a wonderful time teambonding. The facilitators are very resourceful and adaptable in catering to the whims and wackiness from my fun-loving colleagues of 10 diverse nationalities to see how well we can work together over the stove :) The outcome was hilarious.

The session was extremely well organized; atmosphere very friendly and relaxed; pacing just right. 5 thumbs-up to the whole experience!"

Ms Annie Tay
Damco Asia Pacific 
"We took a team of 27 from the office for a team event to take some time off as a group and do something different. The entire team from Food Playground made us feel relaxed and enjoyed the entire experience. Although most of us (including me) were worried at first we realised that as a team we could do it, and the result was excellent.

We enjoyed the food and camaraderie, the local team and the foreigners all had a good time. Highly recommended."

Mr Andrew Heng
Micron Semiconductor Asia 
"We had our company team building with Food Playground, and it was PERFECT! While we were having fun mixing, pounding, and (most importantly) eating, there was communication, bonding and understanding added into the "spice pot".

All these, plus learning how to cook my favourite dishes from scratch. It was an amazing afternoon at Food Playground."

Ms Freya Lim
Airbnb Singapore
"We had a team discussion on ideas for our team retreat and we came to a decision on cooking together.  We browsed through the web for cooking team-building providers and found that Food Playground has good reviews and very experienced in the field. 

This activity certainly met our expectations of being able to cook something delicious and edible as a team where some of us initially doesn’t even know how to cook. And the dishes turned out to be delicious! We also learn to work as a team to achieve the same ultimate goal and know something new about each team member at the beginning of the icebreaker session. 

Food Playground did a great job planning our whole event from start to end. You have always been prompt in replying queries and even suggested alternative when we were having some difficulty in processing payment.  Your post-event follow up is also very fast. We got our event photos within the day! Good job!"  

Ms Siti Alida Ali
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
National University of Singapore
"Who knew that making Ondeh Ondeh could be so much fun! We went to the Food Playground for a team building experience - we had a mix of omnivore, vegetarian and halal diets - the wonderful team designed a totally flexible menu that could be adapted any which way!

They taught us how to make crostinis with Asian pesto and encouraged our inner creative energy to come up with the best team presentation. The purple yam ondeh ondeh was the most delicate yet fun process. Of course everything tasted yummy to us - after all we were the master chefs! ;). This is a fantastic place to learn how to make local favourites while sharing a few laughs."

Ms Ami Jobanputra
University of Chicago Booth School of Business 
"We decided to engage Food Playground for our team-building event after our colleagues have heard positive feedback and seen photos shared by other departments’ colleagues about the culinary team building. What I really like most is that the entire team bonding session was not stressful, as we can hear a lot of laughter throughout!

We would recommend Food Playground because the programme is truly fun and food always brings people together!"

Ms Elly Wisata 
Singapore Management University 
"Done 2 sessions with Food Playground for our 50 associates. I must said Daniel provide great insight from planning to execution of the session. The Asian secret recipe taught by a group of lovely ladies is unique and easy to master involving everyone who has different learning curve within the team.

A fun time to bond and definitely a great session for anyone who like to cook and spend a lovely 3hrs to whip up a healthy yet interesting dishes!"

Ms Goh Wan Ching
BD Holdings 
"Our team had a fruitful retreat bonding together during the 'Kitchen Challenge' on 7 Nov 2013. We liked the cosy settings of Food Playground, which has a big kitchen to accommodate all 21 of us comfortably. But most of all, we liked Daniel and Lena's friendliness and professionalism. They imparted their cooking skills readily and facilitated the session well.

We enjoyed the friendly competition while cooking the dishes, and of course, eating them at the end of the session."

Ms Serene Lee
Ministry of Trade & Industry 
"My work team decided to do something different this year for our corporate retreat. We had a very good time with Food Playground cooking up a storm! It was a different way to find out each other's working styles in the kitchen (which probably translated to how we worked as a team!) and best of all, we learnt new culinary tips and recipes to bring home.

Well done Food Playground! I would recommend your corporate packages anytime!"

Ms Sharon Seah
National Environment Agency
"Authentic, homely and unpretentious - that pretty much sums up my impression of Food Playground. This little outfit definitely lived up to my expectations of having fun with food as the lively and bubbly facilitator walked us through the finer points of making good quality Peranakan desserts - ondeh ondeh and kueh dar dar that were finger lickin' good. Keep up the good work!"

Mr Joshua Loh 
Ngee Ann Polytechnic 
"We’re a small team so I always look for activities where the team members can interact and work as a group. In their day to day roles as consultants it can be quite independent so any opportunity for team interaction is great so they can still feel the ethos of the company and know they’re part of a team.   

It was actually the first time for our new employees to meet everyone, so it was an ideal environment to get to know each other better as the activity wasn’t too intense and they could really interact in depth during the cooking. The changing work stations was a pleasant surprise, but I really enjoyed the end where our facilitator spoke to us about her own background and Food Playground came to be.

This activity has definitely met our expectations and I would definitely recommend you to others!" 

Mr Andrew Chan
ACI HR Solutions
"Spent the afternoon there with my colleagues as part of our team-building activity and it was indeed a very enriching afternoon!
We were split into two teams (each comprised approx 6) and tasked with cooking challenges. For the first part, we had to brainstorm wacky ideas surrounding Singapore's identity and to present them through the food items provided. Thought that really activated our brainpower - it's not as easy as it sounds! (My team built the Marina Bay Sands towers with carrots as supporting structures) But unique indeed as we were forced to think of ideas in another way.

For part two, we whipped up roti jala, curry chicken and ondeh-ondeh - local delicacies we often bought and never cooked. I thought the idea of bringing in local foodfare sets them apart from the slew of cooking houses popping up. This truly brings in the local flavour that foreign tourists will be able to indulge in as they seek to know the country and culture better.

Definite thumbs-up to Daniel and his team for promoting Singapore, in the best way possible - through the food and tummies :)" 

Ms Paige Lee
TTG Asia Media
"Our team, comprising of different nationalities, had the team building on 8 March 2016 at Food Playground.

The place is specked with bright orange tinge which has added the adrenaline in everyone getting started to cook. I am very impressed with the facilitator's professionalism in delivering what we wanted in the objective setting. Her explanation was very clear in every step to take. During the assessment in each team’s work, she was sharp to pick up little actions the team has made and applied it at work. Her explanation indeed has hit the bull’s eye in what we wanted to deliver. During the cooking session, the facilitators were very helpful too.

We enjoyed the time cooking and dining in this cozy pre-war shophouse.  I would recommend Food Playground to any corporate organization for team building activity."

Ms Palene Sim
Mead Johnson Nutrition
"Through this team building session, my team was able to foster closer bonds with one another.

We were also pleased with the unique programme format as it encouraged healthy competition among my team members. The event hosts facilitated well and were able to explain rationale clearly for doing certain stuff. They provided quite a fair bit of guidance during the process which were essential for learning. In fact, we learnt cooking tips which I thought were useful to both regular cooks as well as newbies. An example would be the sequences in the pounding of spices.

Though we ran a little late, there was no sign of rush. We were glad to be provided boxes to pack our food. All of us had a heavy meal before heading for Food Playground and we thought you guys were thoughtful.

This activity has certainly achieved our team-building objectives, and we will be most happy to recommend Food Playground."

Mr Andy Kwa
Singapore Prison Service
"We were looking for an indoor activity which we will be able to participate as a team together.  And at the same time and location we can also enjoy a meal together, at a reasonable cost.  We looked at a few activities, including craft work and terrarium workshop, but many of the locations who have these workshops do not have facilities for food or if they have, the food options may not be Halal or the timing does not work for us. We decided to go with Food Playground also because of their reputation, great reviews from other clients and their flexibility in meeting our requirements.

Clean cosy environment and entertaining host who keeps on advising and guiding us on the food preparation.  Feels like in reality show!  

This cooking team building activity has enabled us to build a stronger bond with each other.  And it also allowed some of us who were not familiar with the rest to meet and interact with new faces in the department. We all had a really enjoyable time and round it off with a delicious meal."

Mr Chan Boon Hwee
SMRT Corporation Limited
"We have decided on cooking as our team building activity as we are looking at something different, engaging and also some knowledge that we can bring home and use in our daily living.

I chose Food Playground instead of other service providers because of the fast response and the flexibility that I received from Daniel. Our two event facilitators are really engaging and friendly, so all of us enjoyed ourselves and brought back some valuable experience.

We will be more than glad to have another team-building session with Food Playground, and definitely trust that you can provide us an unforgettable experience. We will also definitely recommend Food Playground due to all the positive experience that we had during our first team bonding session."

Ms Wynn Loon
ASPRI Secretariat
The real success of our team-building cooking events lies in not just conducting hands-on cooking classes, but creating a memorable event with a 'WOW' factor that will make you and your team members smile and remember for a long time!

If you are keen to find out more about our team-building programmes, feel free to email us for a free quote or call our hotline at (65) 9452 3669 for a friendly discussion.  

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