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Fortune 100 Companies

Do you know more than 1 out of 4 Fortune 100 Companies choose Food Playground to deliver their cooking team-building programmes?

Since 2012, we have already helped more than 1,000 organizations build teamwork and collaboration through our cooking team-building programmes. Our clients range from the world’s leading multinational companies to new and growing enterprises, from government bodies and educational institutions.   

In fact, Food Playground is the only cooking school and event company in Singapore to win the highest national accolades in learning experience and service excellence. We are 100% confident to make you the office hero and your whole team smile. Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say:

Our Cooking Team Building Programmes

Corporate Cooking Challenge Profile Photo

Corporate Cooking Challenge
(Ideal for 8-45 pax)

Looking for a fun indoor team building activity that can achieve corporate learning objectives at the same time? Expecting some regional colleagues in town or looking for a private venue for a corporate gathering? Why not make the session more memorable by preparing your own meals and enjoying the meal in the comfort of our private dining room? 

In fact, we even go a step further to weave in your take-home messages for your team during the corporate cooking challenge.

Our Corporate Cooking Challenge can help you to:
-> Assimilate new members into an existing team
-> Enhance communication and collaboration
-> Keep competition healthy and productive

We achieve your business objectives amidst having fun cooking by incorporating various games and team-building exercises either before or during the cooking process. This programme will be in a competitive format where participants are given clear criteria for winning.

During the sharing/debrief session, our experienced facilitators will help you and your team mates reflect on useful lessons learnt during the challenge.

(This programme can also be made non-competitive in nature with no formal debrief depending on your preferences and event objectives)

Ideal For: Groups looking for a fun indoor team building activity to forge closer bonds and cook up a meal with one another
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours
Timing: Weekday mornings/afternoons/evenings
Rates: Starting from 100 SGD* nett/pax 
Recommended number of participants: From 8 to 45 pax
(*For group sizes below 12 pax, minimum spend of 1,200SGD per session applies)
Mystery Box Challenge Profile Photo

Mystery Box Cooking Challenge
(Ideal for 12-36 pax)

Looking for a more challenging team building activity? Get your Team to think OUTSIDE the box, by using only what is in the box with our Mystery Box Cooking Challenge!

Our Mystery Box Cooking Challenge is designed to help you to:
-> Discover hidden talents and appreciate cultural diversity
-> Recognise individual efforts and team accomplishments
-> Find creative ways to work together and solve problems

Unlike other service providers, we offer a unique format of the Mystery Box challenge so you do not need to go elsewhere for a nice meal after your event! You will be divided into teams and each group will receive a box of ingredients from which they will have to design one mystery themed dish to complement a guided 3 or 4-course set menu that they will cook up. 

No one will know the contents of the mystery box until all is revealed on the day. Teams will have to display good communication skills to discuss innovative and creative ideas for their mystery dish and good time management skills to prepare and complete their creation in the required amount of time. The teams will then present their mystery dish to the group and the facilitators can judge and score each team.

During the sharing/debrief session, our experienced facilitators will help you and your team mates reflect on useful lessons learnt during the challenge. 

Ideal For: Groups looking for an impactful team building activity to discover hidden talents and encourage creative thinking
Duration: 3 hours 
Timing: Weekday mornings or afternoons
Rates: Starting from 120 SGD* nett/pax 
Recommended number of participants: From 12 to 36 pax 

How Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about our cooking team-building programmes, feel free to email us for a free quote or call our hotline at (65) 9452 3669 for a friendly discussion.

We'd love to find out more about your event requirements so we can customize a programme that works for you.

What Facilities Can I Expect?

Our clients absolutely love the cosy and intimate feel of our fully-equipped kitchen studio inside a heritage shophouse in Chinatown. When you hold your event with us, you will have exclusive use of our entire space and all the modern kitchen facilities. 

Now, you can enjoy a 360° virtual tour of our studio here on our website.

What Our Clients Say

We have extensive experience hosting cooking team-building programmes for organizations of all sizes, be it Fortune 500 Companies, MNCs, SMEs, educational institutions or government agencies. 100% of our customers are very happy with the value we deliver, and have all said that they would refer our company to their associates. Below are just some of our recent client feedback about their memorable experiences at Food Playground. 

"The Facebook Client Solutions Team decided to spend a morning sharing and cooking in Food Playground. What we expected to be mainly a fun experience was full of great surprises. An expert team prepared everything for a successful team experience, able to engage more than 40 people for over 3 hours. Great preparation, great challenges forcing us to work as a team and lots of great laughs and food. Not only one experience to learn how to cook but to further build a stronger team, get to know each other more and collaborate for success. Fantastic work and an experience that I would recommend.

Food Playground have also a fantastic social mission. It is great to have fun knowing that this group is helping providing a venue for stay-at-home mums, active seniors and women at large to share their passion for cooking whilst earning an income for themselves. Definitely an unique experience that my team and myself enjoyed very much. Thanks Food Playground!!!”

Mr Jordi Fornies
Facebook Asia Pacific
"We had been looking at “experiential” activities which would promote team building as opposed to some of the more physical challenges that may exclude or tire out the team. We considered others such as coffee tasting and escape room challenges, but settled on cooking as it seemed to be an inclusive activity which focused on working together.

I enjoyed the way the whole session was handled, and the Food Playground staff made the whole process work very well. I think it helped the team to interact with each other more. As the group consisted mostly of partners who tend to work in silos, this was a good chance for them to come together as a team and interact with people they may not see that often in the office.

A surprising benefit was that we had a planning session in the afternoon and I think the morning cooking session helped to put everyone in a more open state of mind. The afternoon session was very productive and I think having had the team building session before, really helped.

The whole process from booking to finish was well handled and the overall feedback from my team was very positive, despite a few pre-session skeptics who expected our cooking to be a disaster! I think the lack of professional chefs meant the teams didn’t feel under pressure to perform to any high expectations, a nice added benefit of your social mission. The staff were friendly and enabling, which allowed for a very positive session. I would happily recommend Food Playground for sure!" 

Mr Anton Oram
Ernst & Young Advisory
"We all had great fun at the session! Love how the set up is done, with having the ice breaking session downstairs and then upstairs for the actual cooking. Everything was very professionally done - even the timers installed were professional ones! Reverting time from my enqury was less than few hours. Payment was easy, menu was catered for all nationalities. Not too complex or dangerous, without any deep frying required. I was worried i would smell after the session, but hey no!  

I love how Lena and Caryn organised and chaired the session, and getting people warmed up! This is really very wonderful and professional for any corporate team-building event.   I have forwarded the pamphlets to the other teams and greatly recommend this place for any team-building event. Great job and thanks once again for the great success with the workshop!"

Ms Joey Ong
"My management team and I visited Food Playground at the end of a one day planning workshop. The essence of our workshop was to engage our teams more effectively, to collaborate together to deliver even better service for our customers.

Our visit to Food Playground provided a perfect end to the day, as Lena and her team offered a fun and relaxing environment to cook and eat together, while subtly emphasising the teambuilding message through the various cooking activities. The premises are well equipped and centrally located, and the team had done just enough of the preparation that we could cook and eat delicious food in a reasonable time with no prior experience required. We had great fun and a lot of laughs, while at the same time heartened by the underlying social role of this organization, providing meaningful work for women who may otherwise not have jobs. Highly recommended!"

Ms Sandra Stonham
DBS Bank 

Video Testimonials

The real success of our team-building cooking programmes lies in our ability to create a memorable event with a 'WOW' factor that will make you and your team members smile and remember for a long time! Click on above video clip to hear what our corporate clients feel after completing our team-building events

Here's a short Youtube video clip capturing some of the exciting highlights and candid feedback of a typical cooking team-building session at Food Playground

How Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about our cooking team-building programmes, feel free to email us for a free quote or call our hotline at (65) 9452 3669 for a friendly discussion.

We'd love to find out more about your event requirements so we can customize a programme that works for you.


What The Media Says

Do you know that our hands-on cooking programmes have been extensively featured and recommended in Singapore's mainstream media and regional travel publications? Click on below articles to find out what the media have to say about our programmes: 

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"The kitchen represents a microcosm of the working world, with deadlines, decision-making and collaboration necessary to succeed...”

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Cooking classes with a social mission

"The classes are designed to fulfil a greater purpose - getting to know Singapore better through learning about its food culture, or promoting team-building - not just to teach people how to cook."


Happy Employees & More Profits

"The cooking classes offer visiting groups a more local and familial team-building experience..."

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Food Playground uses fun fare for team-building

"During the entire three-hour course, everyone discussed, planned, took turns and helped one another despite the different paces..."

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Our signature Cultural Cooking Class is the recipient of ‘Best Learning & Travel Experience’ from the 2013 Singapore Tourism Awards.

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We have been awarded the prestigious ‘Singapore Service Excellence Medallion’ for pushing the boundaries to deliver highest levels of customer satisfaction and organisational service excellence.

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We are a proud recipent of the 2015 Viator Travel Awards for receiving top ratings from travellers who book through Viator and Tripadvisor.