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Experience Singapore: Cultural Cooking Class

Sick and tired of the usual sightseeing attractions in Singapore? You are not alone. Singapore has a lot to offer, but nothing comes close to a cultural immersion experience as educational and delicious as a hands-on local cooking class.

Our multiple award-winning Cultural Cooking Class is designed to help you dive deep into the fascinating side of Singapore’s food heritage and culture in an informal and fun atmosphere. You will discover how our multi-racial society blended together in a perfect harmony through food. Thereafter, you will have lots of hands-on fun learning how to cook up three authentic Singaporean dishes under the guidance of friendly instructors during this 3-hour cooking class.

Don't worry, we have specially designed the class format such that even if you have never stepped into the kitchen before, you will be able to learn at your own pace and have fun!
Do you know we have been consistently rated the Number 1 Cooking Class/Workshop in Singapore on Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel review portal for independent travellers?
[ What You can expect ]
1) Learn interesting snippets about Singapore’s food culture and discover the secrets to Singapore's hawker centres
2) Cook up local family recipes passed down through many generations like Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Satay using fresh local ingredients
3) Enjoy the fruits of your labour, a mouth-watering 3-course Singaporean lunch with newfound friends
4) Hear intricate stories of how our instructors overcome challenges to return to the workforce through our flexi-work arrangements

[ How our Cultural Cooking Classes work ]
1) Our cultural cooking classes run regularly from Mondays through Fridays, with each class starting at 9:30am and ending at 12:30pm.
2) We begin each session by taking you through an introduction to the local street food culture and the unique local spices and ingredients used in our preparation.
3) Following the introduction, it’s time for a totally hands-on, step-by-step cooking lesson. Feel free to breathe in the aromas, savour the flavours and have fun!
4) Complete the whole cultural experience with communal dining, great conversations and unforgettable memories.

What Our Customers Say

“An authentic, hands-on cultural experience”

Food Playground is a unique experience, much more than a typical cooking school. It’s a cultural cooking experience, and we were treated to a mix of storytelling, local insights, learning recipes, chopping, cooking, and of course eating. Aside from the tasty food, hearing our host's tales of growing up in Singapore, incorporating food and culture into her story, was what we most enjoyed about the class. The class is delivered in a lovely, bright, spotlessly clean space in the middle of Chinatown . . . an area full of character and charm.

If you’re just after food, then Singapore offers a kaleidoscope of amazing eating options, but if you want an authentic, hands-on experience with local women, that weaves together the tastes, smells and culinary backdrop of Singapore's food culture with heartfelt stories of its past and people, then you won’t be disappointed by Food Playground.
Danielle Miller profile photo
Danielle Millar

“A memorable experience and a highlight of our holiday”

Our cultural cooking class was completely inspirational. So eager to try replicate the scrumptious meals from our class, we visited the local supermarket to purchase packaged ingredients to bring home.

Our instructor Helen was amazing and informative with her local knowledge and expertise. Her helpers were also friendly and helpful. My husband had never ever cooked a meal before and was a bit apprehensive with the thought of cooking. He was quickly placed at ease by the fantastic staff who welcomed us with open arms and we both had the most enjoyable time to treasure forever.

The whole experience was a highlight of our holiday and a very memorable anniversary gift. Thank you Food Playground for an amazing cultural experience.
Julie Marcon profile photo
Julie Marcon

“A great way to experience Singapore cuisine”

Great hands on cooking class. Helen spent time telling us a bit about Singapore food, including its origins and varieties, and general information about Singapore and Singaporeans. This helps with context and understanding the food more.

We worked in pairs preparing the food and each pair prepared two plates (i.e. one per person) of three different dishes. The recipes are emailed after the class so you can enjoy your new skills at home. The founder Daniel has set this up as a way of encouraging women with families and older women to return to the workforce and share their skills.

It was a great learning experience for us, as well as a great example of utilising the knowledge of locals in a meaningful way for all involved. Well done Daniel, and thanks to Helen and 'Aunty' for such a fun morning.
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Lou Fabri

Video Highlights

To help you understand why so many people are willing to spend half a day in Singapore to join our cooking class, we have decided to ask our customers to share their Food Playground experience. Why not take a minute to hear what they have to say after attending our cultural cooking class?

Do you know we have been consistently rated the number 1 Cooking Class/Workshop in Singapore on Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel review portal for independent travellers? 

Cooking Class Schedule

(Menu and pricing from now till 31st August 2019 is shown below)

*From now till 31st August 2019, each cooking class is priced at S$99 nett per person per class if you book for 2 persons and above. If you book for just one person, the price will be S$119 per class.

Our class size is limited to no more than 12 participants to ensure an intimate learning experience. Please note that cooking will be done in pairs, so if you are signing up for this class alone, you will team up with a fellow participant.

If you are thinking of buying this experience for something special, you have the convenient option to purchase an electronic gift voucher on this page. 

1) Each class starts at 9:30am, and ends by 12:30pm.
2) Classes are priced at S$99 nett per participant per class for booking of 2 persons and above. For individual bookings, our classes are priced at S$119 nett per person per class.
3) Menu items may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
4) Our class operates with a minimum of 2 people, and a maximum of 12 people. All skill levels are welcome.
5) Please note that cooking will be done in pairs, so if you are signing up for this class alone, you will team up with a fellow participant.

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Now, all you need to do is show up for your class on time!
We accept bookings for individuals and small groups (i.e. up to 6 persons) for our Cultural Cooking Classes. If you have large groups (i.e. 7 persons and above) or if you prefer to have a private class, please call us at (65) 9452 3669 or email us to discuss.

To sign up for our scheduled classes, please click/tap below button to go to our booking page so you can check availability of your preferred class and date.
If you are thinking of buying this experience for someone special, you have the convenient option to purchase an electronic gift voucher from our website. Click/tap below button for more details.

Meeting Your Dietary Requirements

At Food Playground, we always go the extra mile to cater to different dietary requirements for our cultural cooking classes. We are able to meet the following special dietary requirements, so if you have dietary restrictions, please take a moment to read the following:

Vegetarian or Vegetarian Ovo

For participants who require a meat-free diet but are ok with eggs

The dishes that can be customised for vegetarians include the following:
1) Laksa
2) Chicken Curry
3) Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
4) Nasi Lemak - Prawn Sambal
6) Kueh Dadar
7) Hoon Kueh
8) Deep Fried Spring Rolls
9) Char Kway Teow
10) Roti Jala
11) Curry Puff
12) Ang Ku Kueh


For participants who are allergic or intolerant to gluten (a protein of wheat, barley, oats, or rye)

The following dishes can be made gluten-free: 1) Hoon Kueh  
2) Roti Jala  
3) Laksa
4) Nasi Lemak
5) Prawn Sambal
6) Chicken Curry
8) Wonton
9) Chicken Rice
10) Char Kway Teow
11) Chicken Satay & peanut sauce
12) Ang Ku Kueh


For participants who require a dairy-free and meat-free diet

The following dishes are vegan-friendly:
1) Hoon Kueh
2) Chicken Satay & peanut sauce
3) Char Kway Teow  
4) Deep Fried Spring Rolls
6) Nasi Lemak
7) Prawn Sambal
8) Laksa
9) Chicken Curry
10) Curry Puff


For participants who consumes seafood but require a meat-free diet

Everything on our menu is friendly to pescatarians. Please kindly indicate that you are a pescatarian in the dietary restriction field at the time of booking.


Our meat sources are Halal-certified and there is no use of pork and lard in our kitchen, so all dishes featured in our classes are suitable for consumption :)

Peanut Allergy

For participants who are allergic to peanuts

Kindly indicate that you are allergic to peanuts in the dietary restriction field at the time of booking.

What Travel Bloggers Say

We love it when travellers and foodies blog about their fun cooking adventures at Food Playground.  Click on below blogs to find out what these savvy travellers and foodies have to say after attending our award-winning cultural cooking classes: 

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"Unlike any other classes we have taken!"

"It was such a fun class, and we have already planned to recreate the dishes. In fact, we’re going to try our hand at making the hoon kueh for a friend’s upcoming housewarming party...." 

Cooks Pyjamas Logo

"Extremely well run cooking school in Chinatown"  

"I’ve been to Singapore a few times, eating in various hawkers’ markets and food halls, but it took a visit to Food Playground for me to really understand the sheer breadth of Singapore’s food culture...”

Foodie Quine Logo

"Educational, fun, hands on, total cultural immersion and a fantastic ethos"

"Located in a heritage shophouse in Chinatown cooking at Food Playground provided a brilliant cultural introduction for my first full day in Singapore..."

Our Awards & Accolades

Singapore Tourism Awards Logo

Singapore Tourism Awards

Our signature Cultural Cooking Class is the winner of ‘Best Learning & Travel Experience’ from the 2013 Singapore Tourism Awards.

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Singapore Service Excellence Medallion

We have been awarded the prestigious ‘Singapore Service Excellence Medallion’ for pushing the boundaries to deliver highest levels of customer satisfaction and organisational service excellence.

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Certificate of Excellence

We are a proud recipent of the 2018 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for consistently achieving glowing traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the past years.

Food Trekking Awards Logo

World Food Travel Food Trekking Awards

We are one of the 4 winners globally for the Best Use of Food/Beverage for Cross-Cultural Understanding at the 2018 Food Trekking Awards, organized by The World Food Travel Association to recognize excellence in food and beverage experiences for travelers.