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About Food Playground

Food Playground is a hands-on cooking school offering online and in-person cultural cooking classes and corporate team building workshops since 2012. We operate out of a pre-war heritage shophouse in the heart of Singapore's Chinatown, and have a unique social mission of providing flexi-work employment opportunities for stay-at-home mothers and active seniors who have limited avenues to return to the workforce. Being a social enterprise, we empower these women through structured training in facilitation and public speaking to develop them into confident culinary instructors and event facilitators. We invite you to join us in this meaningful cause while meeting your objectives of having an unforgettable cooking experience with us.

Our signature Cultural Cooking Class offers a cultural immersion experience for travellers and expatriates to learn more about Singapore’s food heritage, while our customized team-building programmes help organizations bond and achieve various corporate objectives like assimilating new team members, breaking down silos, enhancing creativity and learning.

We believe that food forms an important part of culture and part of the joys of traveling is to be able to appreciate local food from a local's perspective. We want visitors to our cooking school to walk away not only knowing more about the Singapore food culture and heritage but also with more motivation and "courage" to try out local cuisine.

Food Playground is consistently ranked the #1 Cooking Class/Workshop in Singapore on Tripadvisor, and is featured and recommended in popular food/travel guides like Insight Guides, Best in Singapore, and Singapore Tourism Board official website. Our flagship Cultural Cooking Class programme is the recipient of the 'Best Learning & Travel Experience' at the 2013 Singapore Tourism Awards and global winner for 'Best Use of Food/Beverage to Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding' at the 2018 Food Trekking Awards by World Food Travel Association. Our commitment to go the extra mile for our customers has also been publicly recognized when we were awarded the prestigious 'Singapore Service Excellence Medallion' in 2015. Our dedication to employee well-being is also the main reason why Food Playground was recently awarded GOLD for Excellence in Work-Life Balance at the 2017 HR Excellence Awards.

To help you understand why so many people are willing to spend half a day in Singapore to join our cooking class, we made a short video to share our story of why we started Food Playground, and how we helped a group of women in our local community find meaningful work and put their hidden talents to good use. This group of women are not trained chefs, but they will charm you with their passion and personal stories of how they grew up learning Singapore's heritage cuisine.

Do you know we have been consistently rated the number 1 Cooking Class/Workshop in Singapore on Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel review portal for independent travellers? 

Our Team

Daniel Tan Profile Photo

[ Founder ]

Daniel is passionate about creating social impact and championing the underdogs. He quit his corporate career in the travel industry to start Food Playground in 2012, and has never looked back since.

The inspiration to set up Food Playground came from Daniel's adventure travels across South America and Southeast Asia in 2011. He had the opportunity to learn how to cook Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian and a variety of Latin American cuisine during his travels, and discovered that cooking classes enabled him to dive deep into a country’s local culture by connecting with locals and appreciating the stories behind local heritage food.

Through Food Playground, Daniel has inspired many stay-at-home mothers to return to the workforce by providing them with flexi-work arrangements and opportunities to regain their confidence and discover their hidden talents. The unfortunate reality is that many stay-at-home mothers and active seniors face overwhelming obstacles in finding meaningful work because of their need for flexi-work arrangements. Daniel firmly believes that this group of women has so much to offer and contribute, which is why every single employee in Food Playground is either a stay-at-home mother or an active senior.

Helen Profile Photo

[ Culinary Instructor ]

Helen began her casual cooking affair about 25 years ago. From the humble beginnings of cooking simple meals for friends, her interest and love for cooking gradually grew. Largely inspired by both her Teochew mum and Peranakan mother-in-law, Helen subsequently grew her repertoire to include dishes unique to the South-East Asian cuisine. Growing from strength to strength, she has mastered peranakan and local chinese recipes ranging from kueh ko swee, pineapple tarts and kueh lapis to mee siam, meat dumplings, laksa and local favourites like bak-kwa, steamed pumpkin cakes and meat dumplings. She is well versed in numerous dishes from both western and local cuisines, many of which were brought down by through family traditions.

For leisure, Helen enjoys spending time with her family and friends over a meal. As an instructor, Helen hopes to impart her love for cooking to everyone she meets. 

Lesley Profile Photo

[ Culinary Instructor ]

Mary's love for cooking was triggered at a tender age by her mother's deep-rooted Teochew culinary traditions. Besides perfecting her craft in traditional Teochew favourites, Mary enjoys cross-cultural food exploration, often trying out new dishes that feature influences from various countries. Past experiences in sales and organising MICE travels has given Mary an edge to inject fun and meaningful culinary experiences to every class she conducts at Food Playground. Going forward, Mary aspires to become a prominent Singapore Ambassador through sharing Singapore's food heritage and culture with visitors from around the world.

Yih Yin Profile Photo

Yih Yin (YY)
[ Culinary Instructor ]

Growing up in a traditional Hakka Chinese family, Yih Yin’s mum would sometimes rope her in to help with simple kitchen chores, but she was largely encouraged to stay out of the kitchen and focus on studies. It was only when she became a mum herself that she started to appreciate the importance of home-cooked meals and the sweat and toil that goes into preparing healthy and wholesome, yet delicious meals for the family. When Yih Yin moved into her first home after marriage, this home came with an oven, a kitchen appliance her family home didn’t have, and she discovered a whole new world of culinary adventures with an oven! Now a mother of three young children, Yih Yin likes to meddle around in the kitchen and experiment with recipes to prepare wholesome and healthy dishes for her family.

Yih Yin was a Business Process Analyst in the IT industry before switching to sales eight years ago. Recently, she left this position to pursue her interests in home and wellness. She chanced upon Food Playground and thought it’d be a great avenue for her to pursue her interest in cooking and interaction with people from different walks of life. She aims to bring fun and laughter to participants through cooking and eating and to encourage them that if Yih Yin can cook, so can they!

Ann Profile Photo

[ Culinary Instructor ]

Being a stay-at-home mum for 23 years, Ann always enjoys whipping up some dishes for her friends and relatives. She believes that nothing brings people together like good food.

As a fifth-generation Peranakan, Ann was only eight years old when she first stepped into the kitchen to learn the finer techniques of pounding rempah. Trained by her late father, she mastered authentic Peranakan recipes passed down through generations like Ayam Buah Keluak, Pong Tau Hu, Nyonya Laksa and Twa Kwa Pau.

Joining Food Playground gives Ann the opportunity to rebuild her confidence and interact with people from all walks of life.

Sharon Profile Photo

‍[ Culinary Instructor ]

Grandma’s cooking for most, would conjure feelings of comfort, familiarity and family. Having spent many hours at grandma’s feet, it is unsurprising that cooking delicious home-made meals has become an integral aspect of Sharon’s family life. It is said: “a family that prays together, stays together” perhaps this can also be true of a family who eats together.

Sharon loves to experiment with recipes and dabbles with Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese and European cuisine. Good things should be shared and Sharon hopes that participants after cooking a satisfying meal together will appreciate each other more as they enjoy the fruits of their labour. With the purpose to use her passion to ignite in others the love of cooking, she hopes to share the blessings of yummy food among family and friends.

Sara Profile Photo

[ Culinary Instructor ]

Born as the eldest child of a humble single-parent family, Sara helmed the domestic chores of taking care of her siblings and took on the duty of cooking all meals for them. Her love for her family fuelled her passion to replicate the delectable restaurant dishes which they could then not afford in her own kitchen, as a way of showering her love for the siblings. The love for the culinary journey grew when she married into a true-blue Peranakan family where her grandmother-in-law spared no efforts to introduce and share with her the authentic Perankan recipes, much to Sara's delight. She became the undisputed cook for the family for all special occasions and festivities.

However as life took an unexpected turn, a tragic incident occurred. Sara's son, Max collapsed during his weekly soccer game, and passed away just a few days short of turning 21. Sara's world crashed, just like any mother would. Despite such devastation, Sara believed in staying strong for Max. She joined Food Playground to honour her love for her Number 1 Fan with the motivation to spread love and passion through cooking.Sara hopes her cooking can warm many children's heart, just like how it did for her son who proudly called her his 'MasterChef'.

Kelly Profile Photo

[ Culinary Instructor ]

Kelly loves to eat, and she grew up eating all kinds of food: home cooked and dining out.

As a teenager, she enjoyed watching 'If Yan can cook, so can You'. However, Kelly did not have the opportunity to try cooking till she started her own family. She now cooks for them everyday with different dishes, different cuisines and methods, and she is always trying new ways to a dishes with different ingredients.

Kelly's late grandfather was a Butler-cum-Chef for the American Embassy in HK. One dish of his has became a favourite to all till today. It is his yummy mashed potato. Usually she will prepare this dish for Christmas party or Western dishes. Both her maternal and paternal families are also great cooks. They never failed to whip up good food, which is where Kelly got the passion in cooking.

Kelly has also inspired friends who are not very good in cooking to whip up meals for their families. They called her a walking recipe book!

Cindy Profile Photo

[ Culinary Instructor ]

Raised in a family of five, with two brothers, Cindy has always been her mother’s little hand in the kitchen, ever since she was 8 years old. Growing up, she has learnt independence through the exploration of the kitchen in the comfort of her home. She soon picked up simple culinary skills, sufficient to whip up warm dishes for the family. Occasionally, she assists her parents at their hawker stall, where they sold Porridge for a living.

In year 2009, Cindy became a housewife, in hopes to pay more attention to her children who were in primary school then. She curated healthy dishes unique to the household, in which her family proudly calls “home-cooked food”.

In 2019, Cindy made attempts to step back into the workforce as her children are all grown-up. Food Playground piqued her interest not only because it was vastly different from mundane office jobs, but meaningful as it allowed her passion for cooking to flourish.

Annie profile photo

[ Culinary Instructor ]

Annie’s first cooking teacher was her late mum who advocates that her children must be able to cook. As a mother of two herself, she fully embraces this positive virtue.  Traditional Hakka dishes like Yam Abacus, Nanyu Pork, Hakka Salted Pork dumplings, different types of braised dishes like pork belly are some of Annie’s specialties which she has mastered from her mum.  

Through self-learning online, as well astrials and errors, Annie managed to further polish her culinary skills.  She finds cooking and baking very therapeutic,and she enjoys cooking meals for her family & friends. Whenever she experiments with new dishes, she will invite them over to 'sample' and provide her with feedback to help her further improve the quality of the dish. Annie believes that food is a “common language” that helps connect people from all walks of life.  

Having left her Corporate Sales & Marketing career in 2008, and dedicating to her family as a SAHM for 12 years,the ethos of Food Playground resonates strongly with Annie.  She hopes to share this new joy of self-discovery with more people and encourage them that cooking is much more enjoyable and is not as difficult as they think!

Join Our Team

Unlike other culinary schools in Singapore, we have a meaningful social mission that underlies the way we operate at Food Playground. We provide dignified employment for stay-at-home mothers and active seniors who can contribute to our team, either as cooking instructors, kitchen helpers, or simply a member of our administrative team. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that stay-at-home mothers and senior citizens have in our society, but in many instances there are limited avenues to engage these talents and integrate them back into society.

Our team of culinary instructors and facilitators absolutely love our friendly flexi-work arrangements and the opportunity to pursue their passion in the work they do, rather than merely working for a pay check. In fact, Food Playground is the only cooking school in Singapore to be awarded GOLD for Excellence in Work-Life Balance at the 2017 HR Excellence Awards, which speaks volume of our strong focus on employee well-being.

Here's your opportunity to join our fun-loving family. We are currently on the lookout for stay-at-home mothers and active seniors who are passionate about cooking to join us in the following positions: 

Culinary Instructor Thumbnail

Culinary Instructor, 
Cultural Cooking 

1) Organize and conduct hands-on cultural cooking class according to roster
2) In charge of all the food preparation before and after the class
3) Guide participants on all aspects of the cooking process during the workshop
4) Share useful foodie tips to participants to help them dive deep into our food culture
5) Conduct ice-breaker games and other activities if necessary

1) Loves to cook and proud of her culinary skills in either Peranakan cuisine or Asian food
2) Loves all aspects of cooking including food preparation
3) Able to multi-task very well i.e. cook and talk at the same time
4) Enjoy meeting people (especially tourists) and sharing her own personal stories with others
5) Is a self-professed foodie and loves to go grocery shopping or visit the wet market
6) Available to work on Monday-Saturday mornings 

Working Hours:
7:30am - 1:30pm (Mondays-Sundays: 6 hours per session)
2-3 days a week (flexi-work arrangement)

Culinary Facilitator Thumbnail

Culinary Facilitator, 

1) Organize and conduct hands-on cooking team-building workshops
2) Conduct briefings and debriefings before and after each team-building workshop
3) Guide participants on all aspects of the cooking process during the workshop
4) Work closely with other instructors to ensure all food preparation is done before each workshop
5) Conduct ice-breaker games and other team-building activities if necessary

1) Well versed in baking and cooking techniques
2) Loves all aspects of cooking including food preparation
3) Able to multi-task very well i.e. cook and talk at the same time
4) Confident of speaking in public, especially in front of groups of 10 and above
5) Available to work on weekday afternoons AND weekday evenings

Working Hours:
12pm - 6pm, or 4pm - 10pm (Mondays-Fridays: 6 hours per session)
2-3 days a week (flexi-work arrangement)

Content Writer Thumbnail

Digital Content Writers

We are looking for freelance content writers to research and write highly engaging content to be used on our website and social media platforms. These stories will cover the latest trends in food, tourism, culture and things to do in Singapore etc. If you have excellent writing and/or editing skills and a passion for digital media, this is the perfect position for you.

1) Strong writing skills & excellent command of English, both written and oral
2) Knowledge of SEO, experience in digital media and copywriting
3) Journalism experience will be an advantage.

If these qualities describe you well, we love to hear from you today. Please get in touch with Daniel at

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Our Awards & Accolades

Singapore Tourism Awards Logo

Singapore Tourism Awards

Our signature Cultural Cooking Class is the winner of ‘Best Learning & Travel Experience’ from the 2013 Singapore Tourism Awards.

Singapore Service Medallion Logo

Singapore Service Excellence Medallion

We have been awarded the prestigious ‘Singapore Service Excellence Medallion’ for pushing the boundaries to deliver highest levels of customer satisfaction and organisational service excellence.

Food Trekking Awards Logo

World Food Travel Food Trekking Awards

We are one of the 4 winners globally for the Best Use of Food/Beverage for Cross-Cultural Understanding at the 2018 Food Trekking Awards, organized by The World Food Travel Association to recognize excellence in food and beverage experiences for travelers.

Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Awards Logo

Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Best of the Best 2020 - 2023

Our signature Cultural Cooking Class has been awarded 'Traveller’s Choice Best of the Best’, which puts us among the Top 1% of all experiences on Tripadvisor for 2020!